Pre-travel anxiety

I don’t remember if I was always like this, but I find the leadup to a longish vacation to be incredibly stressful.  Not only are you trying frantically to wrap things up at work into a natural neat and tidy stopping point, but you also have to pack… and packing is super stressful.  And I’m also super nervous about not bringing my computer with me, so I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying to set up my new iPad to make sure it can handle all the emergencies I can think of.  And of course, me being me, I just have to make things extra difficult for myself.  Not only am I trying to get all the trip research done and organized, but I somehow added all this extra work- tidying up my house and that sort of thing.

In the end, it’s super ridiculous.  I guess the rationale behind tidying up the house is… don’t want anything rotting in the fridge or molding on the counter, don’t want electronics plugged in unused for 2 weeks, don’t want to leave any loose ends that will fall awry when I’m not here to set it straight.  But it’s really silly.  I didn’t clean my vacuum or my toaster oven or my dishrack for months, so why do I suddenly need to do it just because I’m gone for 2 weeks?  I actually got used to jumping on a plane with perishable food in the fridge (I was a consultant, after all)- don’t know why it feels different just because this is vacation.

And the packing thing… I was chatting with a friend about this today.  You’re always SO worried you’re leaving something out.  Trying to anticipate everything you’ll need.  But in the end, if you leave it out, so what?  You always figure out a way anyways, when you’re over there.  Maybe the solution is less ideal than if you had remembered it, but it’ll always work out.

Maybe this is just a function of my personality type, the Worrywart.  Or Type A.

Anyways, as another friend said… once you get on that plane, then you can just go to sleep and all the stress can disappear.  It’s kind of funny, I had never thought about that.  I was actually already looking forward to returning, and picking up all these things I’m worried about leaving behind right now.  Seems I had forgotten that basic principle- once you leave, none of those things matter anymore.  Funny how that happens.  It’s so weird how people can care so much about something, and then… poof… suddenly it just doesn’t matter anymore.

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One Response to Pre-travel anxiety

  1. I used just an iPad for 3 months last year while traveling! You can do it!

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